Website Blocking

A common reason for losing focus after starting to work on a task is that you unintentionally end up browsing the internet for things not related to the task that you were focusing on. With Trici, you can enable website blocking when the Focus Session is in progress. You can add website to a blocklist and when you start a Focus Session, access to the websites in the block list is blocked. However, when the Focus Session ends, access to these websites is restored. For more on why we chose this approach to website blocking, read this post on our blog. Website blocking works at the system level and does not require you to install any browser extensions.

You can enable/disable website blocking from Settings > Focus Session > Website Blocking.

Website Blocking Settings

By default, a few common distracting website domains are present in the list. You can add or remove domains as you see fit. To add a domain click on the "Add Domain to Blocklist" and specify the domain you want to block when a Focus Session is in progress. Currently the support for blocking is available only at the domain level. More granular control over blocking specific urls or subdomains etc. shall be available in the future should there be sufficient demand for such features. To remove a domain from the blocklist, simply click on the delete icon next to the domain you want to unblock.

Page Last Updated On: 12 Mar 2021