Recover Faster from Interruptions

Recover from Interruptions Faster

Trici is a desktop app, currently available for Mac and Ubuntu x64 bit OS.

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How it works
1. You start a Focus Session.
Start a Focus Session
2. Trici records your activity
screen recording
3. Trici recaps your session
Quick Review Session

How Trici saves you a little bit of time - everytime!

Remember faster

Trici replays the important bits of your last focus session at a high speed. By watching this, you recover your train of thought faster. Depending upon the type of interruption, typically it may take you anywhere between 5 - 25 minutes to get your train of thought back. Trici reduces that range to 15 seconds - 2 minutes.

Think of Trici as a tool to serialize/deserialize your train of thought.

Reduce Distractions

Are you the type who checks Email, Hacker News etc. while your code compiles or your CI build process is running? Trici blocks access to these sites only during a focus session, saving you time lost due to distractions when you are focused. In fact, we are working on ways to reduce all kinds of distractions and interruptions one faces during a focus session, including mobile and slack notifications*.

Go back in Time

Trying to remember how you fixed a bug 3 weeks back? What were the changes that you did? Go back and view the focus session in which you fixed the bug. You can view Focus Sessions by Task or by Date.

Trici serves as a useful memory aid. More options to Search will be added soon.

More reasons why you will like Trici
mood    Simple and Intuitive

You just perform one action: Start a Focus Session. Trici gets out of the way and lets you focus on your work.

list    Use Existing Task Service

Trici integrates with popular task services such as Trello and Asana*, apart from having its own simple Todo list.

timer    Track Focus Time

Trici tracks one key metric - how much time did you focus today. If you stop working, Trici automatically ends the Focus Session, only tracking time when you are focused.

Plans & Pricing



80 focus hours per month


$5 per month

Unlimited focus hours per month