Recover faster from Interruptions

Desktop application available for MacOS* and Ubuntu. Coming Soon for Windows**

Trici Main Screen

How it works

How Trici saves you a little bit of time - everytime!

Start Coding Sooner

Rebuild your train of thought in seconds by watching Smart Replay of your last focus session. No more switching between files in your editor or tabs in your browser to recollect your train of thought.


Easier Context Switching

Having to switch between tasks often? With Trici, you can filter Focus Sessions by Task allowing you to recover your train of thought for a task you had to leave unfinished. Trici is a superpower for those who have to switch between tasks often.


Block Distracting Websites

Checking Twitter while your code builds? Block distracting websites when you start a Focus Session and don't break your train of thought in the first place.


More reasons why you will love Trici

Privacy Guaranteed

No registration needed. All data resides on your computer.

Smart Replay

Replays session video at variable high speeds. 6x speed when you were active, 20x when you were inactive.

Inactvity Detection

Automatically ends Focus Session if user is not active on the computer.

Track Focus Time

Tasks completed, lines of code committed can vary between days. Hours focused every day is a consistent metric to track across days.

Annotate and Search Sessions

Annotate moments of a Focus Session, like spotting a bug. Search annotations across sessions.

Disk Space Management

Choose how much space should recordings occupy before they start getting purged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements to install Trici?

Trici is currently available for macOS (10.12 or higher) and Ubuntu Linux(14.10 or higher). The system RAM should be 8 GB or more. For macOS, Trici only supports the Intel chips architecture. Apple Silicon support is expected soon.

Where is my data stored?

All Trici data, i.e. screen recordings, tasks, settings etc. is stored on your local system and is never sent to any remote location. Trici works even when you are completely offline.

How much disk space do the recordings occupy?

By default, the focus session recordings will occupy a maximum space of 2 GB, after which purging happens. The recording of a typical 30 minute focus session occupies around 50-80 MB disk space.

What if I use multiple monitors?

For MacOS, Trici asks you which screen it should record, if you have multiple displays connected to your system. For linux, it records both the displays. Currently, this support is very rudimentary.

What is Smart Mode when viewing Recordings?

When viewing a recording in smart mode, the player plays at variable speeds, playing at much higher speeds, those portions of the session where the user was inactive. By default, the smart mode is switched on.

When will Trici be available for Windows?

A version that works on Windows is on the cards. Join the waitlist and select your OS as Windows to expedite development of that version.