Save Time and achieve more.

Recover from Interruptions Faster

Trici is a memory aid for developers who are frequently interrupted or who have to switch between tasks often.

How it works

How Trici saves you a little bit of time - everytime!


Recover from an interruption in seconds instead of minutes

Trici replays the important bits of your last focus session at a high speed. By watching this, you recover your train of thought faster. Think of Trici as a tool to serialize/deserialize your train of thought. More..

Reduce Distractions

Start a Focus Session and block access to distracting websites.


Easily Search Past Focus Sessions

Trying to remember how you fixed a bug 3 weeks back? What were the changes that you did? Go back and view the focus session in which you fixed the bug. You can view Focus Sessions by Task or by Date.


More reasons why you will like Trici
mood    Simple and Intuitive

You just perform one action: Start a Focus Session. Trici gets out of the way and lets you focus on your work.

list    Use as a Work Log

Trici integrates with popular task services such as Trello and Asana*, apart from having its own simple Todo list.

timer    Track Focus Time

Trici tracks one key metric - how much time did you focus today. If you stop working, Trici automatically ends the Focus Session, only tracking time when you are focused.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the system requirements to install Trici?

Trici is currently available for Mac OSX (10.12 or higher) and Ubuntu Linux(14.10 or higher). The system RAM should be 8 GB or more.

Where is my data stored?

All Trici data is stored on your local system and is never sent to any server. Trici works even when you are completely offline.

How much disk space do the recordings occupy?

By default, the focus session recordings will occupy a maximum space of 2 GB, after which purging happens. The recording of a typical 30 minute focus session occupies around 50-80 MB disk space.

What if I use multiple monitors?

For MacOS, Trici asks you which screen it should record, if you have multiple displays connected to your system. For linux, it records both the displays. Currently, this support is very rudimentary.

What is Git Integration?

Trici allows you to track a local git repository. Any commits to these git repos made during a focus session automatically show up in the timeline of the focus session. This is useful to navigating a focus session. E.g. in an hour long session, you might be interested only in viewing the portion after a particular git commit.

What is Smart Mode when viewing recordings?

When viewing a recording in smart mode, the player plays at variable speeds, playing at much higher speeds, those portions of the session where the user was inactive. By default, the smart mode is switched on.