Tasks and Daily Work Log

Trici has an in built simple task management system. This allows you to create tasks that you wish to work on and then choose a task once you start a Focus Session. Selecting a Task during a Focus Session focuses your mind on what you want to achieve in that focus session. It also allows you to search for this Focus Session by the Task. Also, once you have selected a task for a Focus Session, comments added during the Focus Session also get linked to the task and can be seen in the Task activity stream.

Task Manager Default

Trici also makes it easy for you to keep a daily log of your work. When starting the day, you can add tasks to your day plan. A day plan captures which tasks you had planned to work on on that day, which did you work on and which did you complete. It also has a placeholder for you to write down any thoughts about the day as a whole.

Daily Log Display Panel

Page Last Updated On: 05 Sep 2021