Reviewing Focus Sessions

When you want to quickly rebuild your train of thought about what you had worked on, you review the specific Focus Session on Trici. There are two primary scenarios in which you would want to review a Focus Session. First, you want to quickly remember the last point at which you left your work. We anticipate this to be the most frequent scenario and thus the Home screen shows you your last Focus Session. You can play a quick review of the session where the playback starts from the last active moments of the session. The player also shows you timestamped notes and markers that you may have.

Home Screen Quick Review Image

Second, you may want to remember, not the last thing that you worked on, but something from earlier. For example, you may have had to leave a task unfinished because a higher priority task came up. Now two days later, you are ready to finish the task you left and want to recover the train of thought you had when you had to stop work on that task. For this, you can go to the "My Sessions" screen and search for Focus Sessions by Task. Then you can look review the recording where you had left the Focus Session and what were you doing when you stopped work. Typically, I will start watching a Focus Session recording and seek the video to different timestamps and watch those portions of the session that I do not rememeber and skip those which I do rememeber.

You can also search your Focus Session by notes. So if you had added a note "#bug App crashes when started from Tray" at a certain moment in the Focus Session, you can search and navigate to that particular moment in the Focus Session.

Page Last Updated On: 21 Mar 2021