Getting Started

The primary action that you perform in Trici is starting a Focus Session. A Focus Session is a block of time in which you focus to work and finish tasks on your task list. However, rather than being a simple timer, Trici records your screen activity and captures your activity profile for the duration of the Focus Session, alongwith timestamped events such as you finishing a task or adding a note. All of these when combined, help you to very quickly navigate the focus session, allowing you to watch those portions of the Focus Session where your train of thought is missing. The visual cues you get by watching your own screen activity helps you to very quickly remember your train of thought.

Currently in Trici, a Focus Session can be anywhere upto 90 minutes. After you start a Focus Session, it can end in one of the following ways:

  • if you end the Focus Session by clicking the "End Focus Session" button or tray menu item.
  • if you are continuously inactive for 3 minutes.
  • if the session duration has reached 90 minutes.
  • other factors such as if you add a display unit to your system while the session is running.

Once you have started a Focus Session, you should ideally specify the task that you are going to work on. This does two things:

  • it allows you to search for this Focus Session by Task.
  • it focuses your mind on what you have to work on.

And then, you hide the Trici window using the keyboard shortcut for show/hide Trici CommandOrControl+Shift+k and continue work till the end of the session.

Later on, you can review your Focus Session recording if you want to quickly recollect what you were doing.

Page Last Updated On: 21 Mar 2021