During a Focus Session

Typically, once you start a Focus Session, it is a good idea to specify what task you will work on during this Session. This does a couple of things:

  • it focuses your mind on the specific thing that you wish to achieve in this session
  • it tags this Focus Session with the task allowing you to search for this Focus Session by Task at a later date

After this you can hide the Trici window using the Trici Show/Hide window shortcut CommandOrCtrl+Shift+k and continue work.

During a Focus Session, you may do any of the following things which get captured as events in the timeline of the Focus Session, allowing you to quickly navigate through the Focus Session in the future:

  • Change Task you are Currently Working On: Every Trici Focus Session has a field where you can specify a task that you are "Currently Working On:". When you select a Task as the Task you are "Currently Working On:", this is captured as an event in the timeline of your Focus Session. Later on, when reviewing, you can jump to that portion of the Focus Session when you started working on a particular task, instead of reviewing the recording of the complete session.
  • Mark a Moment: You can Mark a Moment during the Focus Session by using the shortcut CommandOrCtrl+Shift+m. This can be used for a variety of things such as if you spotted a bug in your software or something else that needs review. You can also use these to add annotations after the Focus Session has ended. The use of this is really open ended and we expect our users to come up with innovative use cases. These appear as navy blue marks in the timeline of the video.
  • Add a Note: You can also add a note at a particular moment of the Focus Session and these appear as annotations in the video once the session is over. I typically notes to write down what I am thinking such as why I made a certain choice while writing code or what is the next step in finishing a task or if I am switching tasks then I will write a line or two which will help me resume work on this task faster. The point is that the note combined with the screen recording should help you rememeber very quickly what you were thinking. Again we expect users to come up with interesting scenarios where this feature can be useful. Also, these notes are searchable. So lets say you add a note "#howto Customize Materialize Css library for my project". Weeks later you can search for #howto and select the particular note and end up at that point of the screen recording where you see what you did exactly to customize Materialize Css library as per the needs of your project.

Page Last Updated On: 21 Mar 2021