Version 2.1.1


Changes to Trici from 2.1.0 onwards.

[2.1.1] -2021-01-02


  • Show added notes on the Trici Player.
  • Show time since last focus session in the home screen.


  • Daily Focus Time Achieved graph now shows correct value
  • Add Note to a Focus Session retrospectively
  • Trici Player now handles resizing of window better. Does not overflow.
  • Update Today State when the day changes.

[2.1.0] - 2020-12-16


  • Shortcut to drop a marker during a Focus Session
  • Display markers on the Trici video player


  • Improved the Command Help documentation


  • Command to add a note during the Focus Session
  • Cleanly exit child processes if user quits without ending session.
  • Show tasks worked on during a Focus Session in MySessions and allow filtering based on that.
  • Daily Focus Time Target achieved graph was showing incorrect value.


  • Old packaging scripts. Now using a library to create debian package.