For Makers and Tech Founders

In the early stages of building a product, a maker/founder has to juggle between different types of tasks, not all of which is coding. To be productive while coding, one needs continuous chunks of uninterrupted time. One way to organise yourself is to understand that you need two different types of schedules - a Makers schedule and a Managers schedule. A Makers schedule is one with uninterrupted time where you write code, whereas a managers schedule is where you fit in your meetings, sales calls etc. This has been beautifully explained by Paul Graham in his essay Makers Schedule and Managers Schedule

In reality, however, meetings and other things which eat away your attention tend to creep in to your maker time. For example, say my Maker time is usually from 8am - 12 pm everyday. However, a user I have been trying to interview is free to talk only in the mornings between 10am and 11am. Because talking to this user is important, I will schedule this call at 10am.

Before Trici, I would have been hesitant about such a meeting in my maker time, because the interruption would not be just for an hour. Recovering from the interruption and getting back to coding productively would take some time as well. However, with Trici, this recovery time is generally less than a minute. Watching the recording of the previous focus session is like deserializing your train of thought and loading it into memory.

For a fast paced and rapidly changing environment that tech founders and makers face, the priorities also shift rapidly. A bug report from an early customer would make the bug a higher priority than the feature you were currently working on. Trici reduces the cost of switching between such tasks thus making it invaluable for for founders and makers in getting more done in less time.