For Freelancers

Many freelance software developers work on multiple projects simultaneously. In such scenarios, they may have to switch between tasks of different projects multiple times during a day. For example, Sabir Ahmed is a freelance software developer who builds Android apps as well as works on projects involving front end engineering using react-js.

Sabir finished working in the first set of features of the Android app he was working on and sent the APK to his client to test and provide feedback. However he does not know when his client will be free to try out the app and send feedback. Thus, after sending the APK, Sabir starts work on the front end project. However, a couple of hours later he gets a call from his client that the Android APK crashes on start. Surprised, his attention shifts to the reported issue and he starts to investigate it. After some time, he is able to reproduce the issue and hence fix it. He sends the updated APK to his client, gets a confirmation that the fix works and then after a coffee break sits down to resume with the front end react project.

Normally, in such a scenario it would have taken Sabir at least 5 minutes or more to regain his train of thought about the work he was doing on the front end react project. However, thanks to Trici, by watching a quick review of his previous focus session, in less than 30 seconds he remembers exactly where he left his work and how he has to resume.

Thus, in just this one instant, he was able to save around 4 minutes. Moreover by tagging his focus sessions, he has an accurate estimate of the time he spent on each project thus helping him in more accurate billing.